Delivery & Returns


What type of delivery system do you offer?
Local Courier Delivery System will be used to deliver orders to customers.

When will I receive my order?
Your order will be delivered to you within 3 to 5 working day after verification.
The Verification process includes, our Customer Support team conducting a verification process using the Know Your Customer Approach (KYC), and updating you as soon as possible by call/SMS on the outcome of the verification.
Delivery will be accompanied by the necessary documents, i.e. Proof of delivery note and Waybill.

Which delivery address can I use for my order?
Orders will be delivered to the address you provide on the Checkout page. e.g. home or work address.

How much will I pay for delivery?
The Delivery cost depends on the location of the customer.



Faulty Item on Arrival
• For items damaged in the course of transportation or from source, customers will have to contact our eZPAYSHOP support service within 24 hours of receipt. Customers will be required to send back to us such damaged/faulty items within 72 hours for inspection. Once fault/damage is confirmed, we will issue a replacement. If the item is found not to be faulty, it will be returned to the customer in which case the customer must pay for carriage.

• If the item purchased is within its warranty period, customer will be entitled to a warranty repair/replacement.

Wrong Item Received
• Customers who receive an item different from what was ordered must lodge a complaint to eZPAYSHOP within 24hrs. Customers will have to return the item within 3 working days.
• We will issue an exchange upon receiving the wrong item from the customer.
• Items must be returned to us in pristine condition. Any repairs, alteration or damage to products will make refund/replacement impossible.
• Some items are not replaceable. Example, a computer software which has been unsealed by the customer. This applies to a selected number of the other goods which cannot be resold as new once seal or packaging has been broken.
• eZPAYSHOP reserves the right not to replace/repair item(s) if the warranty period has elapsed since the product was delivered to the customer.

Documents Required for Refund/Replacements
• Proof of purchase (order number, Delivery note, Waybill etc.)
• A Completed Returns Form from the customer.

Contact us for further Enquiries or Support.

Telephone: : +233 – 302-915873

Mobile Phone : +233 – 540116406 / +233 – 540116408