Click, Collect & Pay Later

eZPAYSHOP offers Government of Ghana (GoG) employees and Corporate Workers the opportunity to buy item(s) now and pay later. We make deliveries of purchased items to any location in Ghana. Also, items may be collected from our office in Accra.


How to Login
1. Click the login button at the top right corner of the website.
2. Enter your E-Payslip Username and Password.
3. Click Login or press Enter on your keyboard.


How to Register
1. Click the login button at the top right corner of the website.
2. Fill in your details on the registration form located at the right side of the ‘My Account Page’.
3. Click Register.


Adding Products to Cart
1. Click “shop” on the top menu and browse through our wide range of items and products by categories or brands.
2. Click on items to see more details and payment options.
3. Click on “add to cart” and choose a payment plan.
4. Alternatively, you can click on “Buy Now” to proceed to the “Checkout Page”.
5. Proceed to the “Checkout Page” after adding more items to the Cart.
6. Fill out delivery address details and choose region for delivery cost to help us deliver your products on time and with ease.

1. You need to login before you can add products to your cart.
2. For Government of Ghana customers, before a product is added to your cart, the system checks the price of the product you have selected and the payment option against your affordability.
3. In case the “add to” cart operation fails, you should check your affordability or choose a different instalment plan.
4. You must choose the same instalment plan for all products bought within a shopping session.
5. On the checkout page choose the region you want your item(s) to be delivered to view the rate for the delivery.
6. Your Date of Birth and SSNIT number is a Requirement on the Checkout Page.
7. Deliveries are paid in cash or by mobile money for customers in Accra and mobile money for customers outside Accra.
8. Corporate customers would have to register an account on their first visit on ‘My Account’ page using the Registration Form and on subsequent visits login with their Username/Email and Password.
9. Corporate customers who don’t find the option for their corporate or institution during the registration process should kindly recommend eZPAYSHOP to your institution to sign up with us.
10(a). Loan advance form must be filled by Government of Ghana employees. During the delivery of ordered items, the loan advance form, a copy of your id card and a passport picture will be collected. Customers in Accra will have loan advance forms delivered to their office and Government of Ghana employees outside Accra will have to pick loan advance forms from the ESS centers in their region.
10(b). Mandate forms will be emailed to corporate staff, and they are to fill and send us a scanned copy of the filled mandate form before delivery is made.

Click on FAQ for answers to any other questions or enquiries.