• Walker2

    Colourful BABY WALKER

    From: GH¢11.27/24 months
  • 20170621_154315

    School bags for boys and girls

    From: GH¢6.93/24 months
  • 20170621_154749

    Johnson’s Skin care Essentials Cosmetic set

    From: GH¢10.40/24 months
  • 20170621_154825

    Loom Bands for Hair growing babies

    From: GH¢1.30/24 months
  • 20170621_155049

    Small Size Shirts for boys-3 months to 12 months

    From: GH¢3.03/24 months
  • 20170621_155117

    Large Size Shirts for boys-5 years to 12 years

    From: GH¢3.47/24 months
  • 20170621_155129

    LACOST- Large Size top for boys. 5 years to 12 years

    From: GH¢3.47/24 months
  • 20160620_123437 edited

    Canvas Shoes for Boys

    From: GH¢4.86/24 months
  • 20160620_123256 edited

    Next Easy Wear for Boys

    From: GH¢8.92/24 months
  • 20160620_123117 edited

    Open-Toe Sandals for Girls

    From: GH¢4.05/24 months
  • 20160618_120929 edited

    Baby Clothing Set

    From: GH¢12.16/24 months
  • 20160620_123006 edited

    White Shoes for Girls

    From: GH¢6.08/24 months

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