• item_xxl_10875546_14710826

    DELL Core i5 4GB DDR3 500GB

    From: GH¢196.23/24 months
  • item_xxl_6553519_12071532

    HP Core i5 4GB DDR3 500GB

    From: GH¢196.23/24 months
  • item_xxl_6553519_12071536

    HP Core i3 4GB DDR3 500GB

    From: GH¢151.26/24 months
  • macbookpro 4 edited

    MacBook Pro i5 Laptop 128 SSD 2015

    From: GH¢530.46 From: GH¢449.68/24 months
  • MacBook air 3 edited

    MacBook Air Laptop 13″ 128 SSD 2015

    From: GH¢482.24 From: GH¢408.80/24 months
  • hp star wars 3 edited

    HP Star Wars Laptop i5 6th Gen

    From: GH¢241.12 From: GH¢204.40/24 months
  • hp envy 5 edited

    HP Envy 360 Convertible Laptop i7

    From: GH¢337.57 From: GH¢286.16/24 months
  • dell 7000 1 edited

    Dell Inspiron 2015 i7 Laptop 7000

    From: GH¢385.79 From: GH¢327.04/24 months
  • dell 3000 2 edited

    Dell Inspiron 2015 i3 Laptop

    From: GH¢163.96 From: GH¢130.82/24 months

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