• sm-t585-4-edited

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T585 new

    From: GH¢112.01/24 months
  • sm-t815-4-edited

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7″ 32GB SM-T815 new

    From: GH¢170.88/24 months
  • sm-t285-4-edited

    Samsung Tab A 7″ Lite SM-T285 new

    From: GH¢57.23 From: GH¢55.60/24 months
  • sm-t561-4-edited

    Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6″ SM-T561

    From: GH¢67.04/24 months
  • sm-p555-5-edited

    Samsung Galaxy Tablet A SM-P555

    From: GH¢125.38/24 months
  • sm-t555-6-edited

    Samsung Galaxy Tablet A SM-T555

    From: GH¢107.06 From: GH¢90.75/24 months

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