• IMG-20170522-WA0022

    Children Necklace Beads 3 in 1

    From: GH¢1.59/24 months
  • IMG-20170522-WA0008

    Nacofran Necklace 3 in 1 collections

    From: GH¢7.05/24 months
  • IMG-20170522-WA0001

    Nacofran Necklace Beads

    From: GH¢3.97/24 months
  • sleeveless-2-edited

    Sleeveless with Statement Neckpiece Red

    From: GH¢3.68/24 months
  • sleeveless-1-edited

    Sleeveless with Statement Neckpiece Blue

    From: GH¢3.68/24 months
  • otema-2-edited

    Otema Button on Beads Neckpiece Pink

    From: GH¢8.42/24 months
  • otema-1-edited

    Otema Button on Beads Neckpiece Blue

    From: GH¢8.42/24 months
  • guruaba-edited

    Guruaba Print and Beads Necklace

    From: GH¢6.84/24 months
  • bib-edited

    Akyinba Locally made Bib Necklace

    From: GH¢4.74/24 months
  • ansowah-2-edited

    Ansowah statement neckpiece

    From: GH¢7.37/24 months
  • ansowah-1-edited

    Ansowah Plus Statement Neckpiece

    From: GH¢7.89/24 months
  • adoma-edited

    Adoma Single Cord Necklace

    From: GH¢6.32/24 months

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